we know how to produce successful live video streaming

Post Production

This is where the magic sauce is added - editing, graphics, animation, audio sweetening and color grading are all added to polish our videos. We work with the best editors, graphic artists motion control artists in the market.


We'll help shape your vision into the deliverable you need - to whatever budget is appropriate. Thought leaders is the new name for this skill.

Video Shooting

What's appropriate for your budget -4k, HD, format, codecs, frame rates? It doesn't matter to us - we're going to shoot with the best at any level. We make great pictures.


Need a studio? We work with multiple studios in the Northwest and broker time, space, gear and power as needed. It's not hard but there are nuances that are different at each one.

On Location

Shooting on-location present's its own set of issues; weather, sound, lighting, parking, permits, access, etc. - We've seen all of these issues.


Not all camera operators are created equal. Yes, some are on the a-list for a reason. We work with the best and custom choose for the all the right reasons on all of our video production projects - some are great at action, some are best at live video streaming and livestream projectas, some are great at lighting & creativity and some hustle more than others. We know and work with the best in the world. As a former International Representative for The Guild of Television Camera Operators, we have access to the best in class - everywhere! If you are live video streaming in Seattle or anywhere else in the world, we work with the top crews. Video production in Seattle has never been this easy!